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Foot, Ankle, Calf & Knee

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  1. IMAK® Arthritis Socks - Large
    IMAK® Arthritis Socks, Large, 1 Pair
    Special Price CA$44.99 Regular Price CA$50.00
  2. IMAK® Arthritis Socks - Medium
    IMAK® Arthritis Socks, Medium, 1 Box
    Special Price CA$49.99 Regular Price CA$55.00
  3. IMAK® Arthritis Socks - Small
    IMAK, Arthritis Socks, Size Small, 1 Box
    Special Price CA$44.99 Regular Price CA$50.00
  4. Knee support with hinges - Extra Large
    OTC, Knee support with hinges - Extra Large, 1 Piece - Clearance
    Special Price CA$45.00 Regular Price CA$90.00
  5. Knee support with hinges - Medium
    OTC, Knee support with hinges - Medium - 1 Piece, Clearance
    Special Price CA$45.00 Regular Price CA$90.00
  6. Compression Sport Socks - Large
    Compression Sport Socks - Large
    Special Price CA$79.99 Regular Price CA$100.00
  7. IMAK Knee Strap
    IMAK, Knee Strap, 1 Piece
    Special Price CA$44.99 Regular Price CA$50.00 As low as CA$39.99
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19 Items

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Ankle Brace or Foot Brace | Compression Knee Brace

 Foot, Ankle, Calf & Knee Stiffness, swelling, pain, or tension in these areas? Are you suffering from any of these? Haven’t found any good support braces yet? Solutions to all problems can be found in proper gear. Check out the wide range of foot, calf and ankle products at Healthy Life Cycle. If a simple brace is needed to relieve pain and stiffness, we have it.

One click on Healthy Life Cycle and you will find many sizes and options. Foot brace, ankle brace, calf brace and knee braces are available, compression and yoga socks, and foot rollers are also in the stock. Compression, easy blood flow, grip, support, massage, neuropathy can be helped with aids such as those found on our shelves. Here you can find products that help relieve pain in various parts of the body, as well as release stiffness due to the monotony of chores and repetitive movements.
There are a variety of braces available ranging from calf sleeves brace, knee straps brace, and arthritis socks to knee support brace, foot rollers and compression socks, each made for a specific purpose. Our braces should be easy to use and comfortable during use and so, the range on Healthy Life Cycle is selected with this very purpose in mind. Easy to use products which are made considering the need for flexibility, elasticity, lasting support, breathability, stability, even support and steady grip as well as portability is important. Check out the wide range of foot, ankle, calf and knee braces today. A variety of sizes are available. Select your product and place the order, the stock is limited.

And yes, discount offers are in place so get your needed gears in affordable prices before the stock is all sold out. There are various options available for you to explore; VisaCard, MasterCard and whatever else is suited to you. It’s all available at Healthy Life Cycle the one stop shop. Stay fit because a healthy life is a complete one.
Although our prices are already rock bottom affordable, we also sometimes have sales. So be sure to check out our social media channel and web pages for updates.
We deliver all across Canada. Shipping from the East Coast to the West Coast – Vancouver, Victoria, Saskatchewan, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, St. Johns, St. John, Fredericton and Labrador.

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