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Cuff and Ankle Weights

Cuff Weights and Ankle Weight Canada

Ankle weights :

You may see individuals strolling around with weights around their lower legs. The weights are commonly incorporated with a wide neoprene lash that folds over the lower leg and connects with Velcro. Wearable ankle weights are useful for practices that focus on the leg and hip muscles, similar to leg lifts

Wrist weights :

Like ankle weights , wearable wrist weights are wide, weighted ties that fold over the wrist and connect with Velcro. Now and then individuals wear these during a cardio exercise or on a walk. Be that as it may, this can prompt muscle lopsidedness as you swing your arms to and fro. A similar activity with wearable wrist weights can likewise cause joint and ligament wounds in the wrists, elbows, shoulders, and neck.

The Cuff® recovery wrist and lower leg weight has been demonstrated powerful in emergency clinics for more than 30 years. It shapes to snuggle fit the lower leg, wrist, and even thigh. Its long conclusion tie guarantees a protected and agreeable fit in any event, during the most strenuous exercise program. It includes hard core materials and twofold sewing all through. 

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25 LBS - Cuff Weight For Ankle or Wrist by CanDo, Green - 1 piece Sale
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