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Home Drug Test Kit

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Drug Test Kits Canada

Rapid, easy and accurate drug testing has never been more important especially with the rising rates of drug abuse globally. Rapid Self drug test kit of abuse tests are highly sensitive and accurate to aid in their detection for drugs in urine samples.

These products are for screening purposes. Securely and effectively utilize this Home Drug Test kit and get quick and exact outcomes. Each bundle accompanies one plunge test and a pee assortment cup. Health Canada authorized medication test can distinguish the most well-known medications. Easy to utilize, results can be immediately seen inside minutes. Readings are private with this Home Drug Test. They can help guard yourself or a relative. The results are 99 percent accurate.

Directions to use Home Drug Test kit:

Using this test is as simple as 1-2-3. Remove the test from fixed foil pocket. Gather urine sample in the given cup included. Dip the test region into the urine example. Peruse brings about 3 minutes.

- Checks for amphetamines, cocaine, happiness, fentanyl, maryjane, methamphetamines, sedatives, phencyclidine

- 99 % Accurate

- Fast outcomes inside 3 minutes

- Confidential outcomes

- Easy to peruse results shows negative or positive outcomes

- For in-vitro diagnostics use. For outside utilize as it were. Store at room temperature. Try not to freeze.