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Replacement Salt Lamp Bulb Himalayan Salt Lamp Cord with dimmer switch is a great way to shift the intensity of your salt lamp's light, particularly wonderful for use in therapeutic settings. You can continue to enjoy the soft, healing light of your salt lamp while being able to adjust it's brightness as needed. An excellent addition to any salt lamp product! We have Variety of Replacement bulbs for Medium to Large Salt lamps. Like - 15 Watt Clear Bulbs, 12 Pack for Small Lamps, 15 Watt Clear Bulbs, 3 Pack, for 5-9 IN Lamps, 25 Watt Clear Bulbs, 12 Pack (for Large salt Lamps) • Himalayan salt lamp bulb will orange light when it lit • Cord with Dimmer Switch that can assist you with controlling the brightness of the Himalayan salt lamp • The string are standard cord,it would be an ideal replacement cord for any salt lamps • Cord designed particularly to Himalayan salt lights can likewise be utilized for other night lamps • Butterfly clip design in such a way that it fit in a multiple range of hole diameters, it also works for various type of salt lamps