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Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps

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  1. Yogavni, 2 Small Salt Lamp & 2 Salt tealights, 1 Set
    Yogavni, 2 Small Salt Lamp & 2 Salt tealights, 1 Set
    Special Price CA$79.99 Regular Price CA$100.00
  2. Salt Lick
    Yogavni, Salt Licks for Animals (1.5kg-2.5kg) - 2 Pieces
    Special Price CA$49.99 Regular Price CA$60.00
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Himalayan Salt Lamps in Canada

Himalayan salt lamps are beautiful lights that you can purchase for your home or for office. It is perfect for gifting. They are cut out of pink Himalayan salt and accepted to have different health advantages. Actually, backers of salt lights guarantee they can clean the air in your home, calm sensitivities, support to boost your mood and help you rest. Himalayan salt lamps are made by setting alight inside enormous pieces of pink Himalayan salt.

They are natural shape salt lamps that transmit a warming, pink sparkle when lit. Genuine Himalayan salt lights are produced using salt reaped from the Salt Mine in Pakistan. Salt sourced from this zone is accepted to be a huge number of years old, and in spite of the fact that it's fundamentally the same as table salt, the limited quantities of minerals it contains give it a pink shading.

People generally buy Himalayan salt lamps because it creates good ambiance in their home as well as its good for health.

Relax the Mind - People believe that positive ion in the air increase the anxiety, negative feeling. and Himalayan salt produce negative ion which neutralizes the positive ion and helps to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety

Asthma and hypersensitivities- The thought that that negative particles may improve breathing has prompted a couple of concentrates on the point.

Cleaning the air. - Negative particles do have some capacity to clean unsafe particles from the air. At the point when particles develop on microorganisms or dust, they kill the pollutants. studies recommend that negative and positive particles may kill germs, however precisely how isn't clear, and a few specialists state the germ-murdering might be because of different reasons. Regardless, there's no proof salt lights have this impact.

• They are appealing: If you like the manner in which they look, they could be an alluring expansion to your home.

• They make a decent feel: They could help make a loosening up climate that encourages you loosen up.

• They may assist limit with lighting at night: If you battle to rest, utilizing faint lights at night may assist you with getting the opportunity to rest quick

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