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Cotton Filled Zafus

Buy Zafu - Meditation Cushion

A Zafu – meditation cushion is a round cushion, a very basic thing in Japanese life. It is likewise utilized a considerable amount for Zen Meditation Practices. Our comfortable natural Zafu - meditation cushions filled up with cotton, offer great postural backing and mitigating strain to assist you with concentrating on the act of reflection as opposed to the body. Meditation is a significant instrument for finding a quiet desert garden of unwinding and stress help in a requesting, quick paced world. Contemplation music can help loosens up your body and raises your psyche. We as a whole can ponder, to turn our consideration internal and still our brain in meditation. Enabling time to rejuvenate ourselves, is fundamental in the event that we need to work powerfully in our lives! Zafu and Zabuton sets make your meditation practice undeniably progressively comfortable and compelling. Consolidate with singing bowls, healing Chakra, precious stones and incense sticks to upgrade your experience! Shop our wide selection of round, crescent-shaped and rectangular Zafu Meditation Cushions designed to improve your position during yoga and meditation by relieving pressure from your back and lower joints. Filled with pure cotton that gently conforms to the contours of your body's shape.