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Gemstones/ Agate

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  1. Healing Gem Stone Kit (7 stones)
    Yogavni, Healing Gem Stone Kit (7 stones), 1 Box
    Special Price CA$14.99 Regular Price CA$21.00
  2. 2Inch Selenite Pyramid
    Yogavni, 2 - 3 Inch Tall Selenite Pyramid, 1 Piece
    Special Price CA$19.99 Regular Price CA$24.00
  3. Shungite Massage Wand
    Yogavni, Shungite Massage Wand, Size 3-4 inches, 1 Piece
    Special Price CA$24.99 Regular Price CA$35.00
    Out of stock
  4. Chakra Balancing Stone Kit (7 stones)
    Yogavni, Chakra Balancing Stone Kit (7 stones), 1 Box
    Special Price CA$24.99 Regular Price CA$35.00
  5. Natural Selenite Crystal Candle Holder
    Yogavni, Natural Selenite Crystal T-Light Candle Holder, 1 Piece
    Special Price CA$29.99 Regular Price CA$40.00
  6. Large 14-16 Inch Selenite Natural Logs/Sticks
    Yogavni, Large 14-16 Inch Selenite Natural Log/Stick, 1 Piece
    Special Price CA$34.99 Regular Price CA$40.00
  7. Natural Selenite Crystal Candle Holder
    Yogavni, Natural Selenite Crystal Candle Holders, Set of 2
    Special Price CA$49.99 Regular Price CA$60.00
  8. Smokey Quartz Generator
    Yogavni, Smokey Quartz Generator, 150 - 200 grams each,1 Piece
    Special Price CA$54.99 Regular Price CA$65.00
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Items 1-20 of 26

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Gemstones/ Agate in Canada

Agate Known as the stabilizer, Agate is the stone to approach for help when you need strength and establishing in your life. Alongside its strong vitality, the Agate stone has been for quite some time appreciated for its unimaginable excellence. Agate has a fantastic quality with signature groups made up of mineral stores layered in a superbly round balance around its boundary. A mix of molten shake with silica stores found in groundwater, the supernatural groups give this semi-valuable stone its trademark appearance. 

This stone is very helpful in case you're trapped in a cycle of stress and overthinking. It works by interfacing you with the delicate vibrations of the Earth, making it a delicate stone with a light, diffused vitality. Agate can present to you a feeling of harmony and bolster when you feel dispersed or overpowered by current life.

Selenite Pyramid -

Selenite is one of a not very many minerals with the particular powerful capacities/properties that make it equipped for clearing and re-charging different precious stones. Not exclusively is Selenite helpful for clearing negative or undesirable energies from precious stones and stones, it might likewise be utilized to successfully clear custom and formal instruments, gems, tarot cards, even the environment. Notwithstanding a huge number of other mystical traits, Selenite has a quieting and inspiring quality. It is self-clearing, and self-charging. It is likewise essential to take note of that Selenite ought to never be set in or close to fluid, as it is water-solvent, and will break up after some time.

Healing Stone Kit -

There are various sorts of precious stones, each loaded up with their own mending capacities for the brain, body, and soul. They're thought to advance the progression of good vitality and help free the body and mind of negative vitality for physical and passionate advantages.

Blue natural Agate Candle Holder -

Blue Nature gate will support your capacity to convey, particularly the thoughts and sentiments that you get from your higher self. They are great mending precious stones for you to utilize on the off chance that you have to help your capacity to convey what needs be, the point at which you sense that it is required. Blue Natural Agate will assist you with clarifying your thoughts, so the individual you are speaking with will plainly comprehend your perspective.

Quartz Candle Holder -

Decorate your home or office with a delightful Quartz Candle Holder. Each light holder is made from a one of a kind bit of Quartz, so no two candle holders are actually indistinguishable. The normal width of the Quartz base is 3.5" to 4 " and 3 inches high. This one of a kind candle  holder contains a middle space for a standard tea light. Each light holder accompanies 1 tea flame incorporate

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