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Wall Plaques and Tapestries

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Decor Meditation Room / Meditation Space

Recover your Zen space or Mediation room with our mark Tapestry and wall plaques collection. Each delightful tapestry and wall plaques will add a profound vibe to any space. Basically, place on the wall, will enhance the magnificence of your wall.

Om Wall Plaques :

Enhance your mediation room with Om wall plaques. Om profound sound alludes to all that is, and it is one of the most dominant syllables known to mankind. It is one syllable that incorporates all that is, the past, the present and the future (birth, life, and passing). The Mandukya Upishad makes reference to that the Om is in every one of these conditions of time yet in addition rises above time itself. This syllable is established in both antiquated lessons and current living. It tends to be found toward the beginning and end of sections inside the Vedas and other Hindu writings, on significant records, on apparel, and pendants. This incredible syllable is recited and spoken before recitations of otherworldly messages, day by day supplications, profound practices, and services. With such an amazing importance this Om wall plaques can be used to reach enlightenment and really comprehend your place inside the Universal completeness.

Tapestry :

Grow the vitality of your space and mind with the inspiring Meditation Tapestry. Lively colors decorate any room remind you harmony and peace

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