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Acupuncture Needles Wholesale Canada

Acupuncture Needle therapy is an integral medicinal practice that involves animating certain focuses on the body, regularly with a needle entering the skin, to ease torment or to help treat different health conditions.

Needle therapy includes invigorating explicit focuses along the body thought to be identified with different substantial capacities by infiltrating the skin with slender, strong, metallic needles.

Needle therapy began in China over 2000 years prior and is one of the most seasoned, most regularly utilized frameworks of customary mending on the planet.

Product Details:

1) These Acupuncture Needles are headless needle for precision when inserting

2) It is thicker and stiffer handle to improve handling and control

3) High strength surgical stainless steel for greater strength to the needle allowing for multiple insertions

4) Special conical shape for dry needling to improve needle penetration and handling

5) Triple polishing process removes the surface irregularities allowing for smooth painless needles

Brand: AGUPUNT Benefits for Physiotherapists: - A needle specially designed for Dry Needling. - Perfect grip that ensures total control and precision. - Facilitates the insertion and handling of the needle from the beginning to the end of the treatment. For Patients: - Reduction of pain. - More satisfaction and confidence with the physiotherapist.

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