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Aqua Therapy

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  1. Gymstick Aqua-Green
    Gymstick, Aqua Gymstick, color Green, 1 Piece
    Special Price CA$159.99 Regular Price CA$180.00
  2. Gymstick Aqua-Black
    Gymstick, Aqua Gymstick, Color Black, 1 Piece
    Special Price CA$159.99 Regular Price CA$180.00
  3. Gymstick Aqua-Blue
    Gymstick, Aqua Gymstick, Color Blue, 1 Piece
    Special Price CA$159.99 Regular Price CA$180.00
  4. Thera-Bandâ„¢ Swim Bar
    Thera-Band™ Swim Bar, 1 Piece
    Special Price CA$59.99 Regular Price CA$70.00
  5. Thera-Bandâ„¢ Closed Chain Disk
    Thera-Band™ Closed Chain Disk, 1 Piece
    Special Price CA$35.19 Regular Price CA$44.00
  6. Aquafins Aquatic Exercise Kit
    TheraBand, Aquafins Aquatic Exercise Kit, 1 Piece
    Special Price CA$89.99 Regular Price CA$100.00
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14 Items

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Aquatic Therapy Equipment Canada

Aqua Therapy! Yes, Aqua. Aqua or water therapy can help with the recovery process from various illnesses and injuries. Nature has given us many cures and water is one major remedy for many illnesses. It contains minerals and compounds that help the rejuvenation process.

Jumping into the pool may require a little assistance. Equipment that is specifically designed for this purpose and is available on the market, albeit, at high prices. However, Healthy Life Cycle has many affordable options! There is an assortment of equipment available on the website. Select what meets your needs and you are good to go. This equipment has been designed for specific purposes so go by the description.

There are swimming rods that help you to keep your balance and help with strengthening the trunk as well. The use of these can improve flexibility too.
Hand bars are available in various weight sizes too, light, medium and heavy. Another thing that improves balance are closed chain disk that are very helpful in aqua therapy. It strengthens the upper body and increases trunk stability too. Swim belts are also available in our stock. These are belts designed to support younger swimmers, under supervision, as well so they have no need to worry either.

The Aquatic Therapy kit by THERABAND™ is also available which is a comprehensive package for aqua therapy. This equipment can assist aqua therapy and help to decrease pain, strengthen muscles, improve flexibility and balance and more. Water is certainly one of the best possible cures available to us. If you need gear for aqua therapy then log on to Healthy Life Cycle and place your order. Discount offers on these products are in place and the stock is limited so grab your gear before it is sold out. Discover the many benefits of aqua therapy today! Delivery is possible all across Canada and various payment options are available so no worries, you can jump in the poll as you like it. Stay safe and enjoy a healthy life.

Although our prices are already rock bottom affordable, we also sometimes have sales. So be sure to check out our social media channel and web pages for updates.
We deliver all across Canada. Shipping from the East Coast to the West Coast – Vancouver, Victoria, Saskatchewan, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, St. Johns, St. John, Fredericton and Labrador.

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