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Strength Training

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  1. Thera-Band Shoulder Pulley
    Thera-Band, Shoulder Pulley (Bag), 1 Piece
    Special Price CA$27.99 Regular Price CA$35.00 As low as CA$20.99
  2. Thera-Band(TM) Loops-Yellow-18 Inch
    Thera-Band, Resistance Loop, Color Yellow, 18 Inch, 1 Piece
    Special Price CA$13.99 Regular Price CA$18.00
  3. Thera-Band(TM) Loops-Red-18 Inch
    Thera-Band, Resistance Loop, Color Red, 18 Inch, 1 Piece
    Special Price CA$14.99 Regular Price CA$19.00
  4. TheraBand Hand Xtrainer, Non-Latex Hand Exerciser for Progressive Hand Therapy, Strengthen Fingers, Hands and Forearms, Grip Trainer, Strengthener, Helps Relieve Joint Pain, Soft
    Thera-Band TM, XTrainer, Color Black, 1 Piece
    Special Price CA$29.99 Regular Price CA$35.00
  5. Thera-Band(TM) X-Trainer-Blue
    Thera-Band TM, XTrainer, Hand/Finger Exerciser, Color Blue, 1 Box
    Special Price CA$29.99 Regular Price CA$35.00
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Strength Training Equipment in Canada

If you were to come across proven results depicting how strength training has helped people strengthen their bones, lose weight, benefit their heart and improved their balance, wouldn’t you consider it?

With our range of products, we have helped people of all ages reach their bodybuilding and health goals. Our products have also helped inspire customers to get into a safe and effective fitness routine after suffering from heart disease, arthritis and other joint and bone-related diseases.
Some of the key results that people have found with our strength training products include keeping weight off for good, protecting bone health, increasing muscle mass, making one stronger and fitter, developing better body mechanics, disease prevention, boosting energy levels, improving mood and burning calories. If you want to keep yourself fit, feel stronger and more stable, start your strength training regiment today!

Please note, if you are suffering from any health issue, consult your physician on which strength training module or exercises you should start. Remember to be safe and approach all new health regiments carefully.

We at Healthy Life Cycle endeavor to help you reach your healthy living goals, be it the strength training to lose weight or strength training at home.
You can purchase hand and finger exercises, dumbbell racks, medicine ball racks, cuff weights, Thera-band exercise stations, straps, hand exercisers, rehab and wellness stations, aquafins aquatic exerciser or power band sets. These versatile products allow you to perform excellent exercise routines at home with privacy to increase your strength and flexibility. Choose a product that meets your strength training needs from our wide range of products and feel better, look better and live a healthy and longer life.
Although our prices are already rock bottom affordable, we also sometimes have sales. So be sure to check out our social media channel and web pages for updates.
We deliver all across Canada. Shipping from the East Coast to the West Coast – Vancouver, Victoria, Saskatchewan, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, St. Johns, St. John, Fredericton and Labrador.

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