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Healthy Life Cycle offers wholesale yoga accessories in Canada. Their prices are very competitive. Whether you are starting out or are teaching yoga, this is your last stop. Whether you are looking for your first yoga starter kit or one thousand mats for an even this weekend, your search ends here. Wholesale yoga accessories Canada or wholesale yoga supplies or wholesale yoga Props for yoga studios and yoga teachers.


It carries the largest selection of any product you can think of in YOGA ACCESSORIES and YOGA PROPS.


Yoga is a low impact body activity which is more about the breathing. Modern yoga focuses on exercise, strength, flexibility and breathing. A regular yoga boost both physical and mental well-being stimulating inner peace. Anyone can do yoga anywhere because yoga is a safe and result oriented activity, where severe injury is rare. There are various yoga accessories available in the market. These yoga accessories/ yoga products are used to provide support and comfort while doing various asanas/ yoga poses.

Regardless of whether you're new to yoga, a deep-rooted specialist or someplace in the middle of, the correct yoga Accessories canada can help improve your practice and make those extreme postures simpler to ace. At you can discover all that you have to take your yoga practice to the following level.


Yoga Accessories available in Wholesale Price are -


1. Yoga Mats

Yoga mats are durable and light weight mats which is a first thing every one who does yoga needs to have. Whether you perform yoga at home or at studio, the yoga mat is must to have yoga product. These yoga mats come in various colours and patterns. They are machine washable.Yoga mats for beginners, yoga mats for kids. Wholesale yoga mats for yoga teachers and yoga studios. Wholesale Yoga Supplies in Canada.

2. Yoga Bolsters

Yoga Bolster is a big side body pillow that is used to provide comfort. Bolsters are very helpful during complex poses. It improves body posture, improves blood circulation, and reduce swelling.  Wholesale Yoga Bolsters for yoga teachers and yoga studios, Supplies in Canada.

3. Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks are great yoga props for home/ studio. They are used as an external support to provide length, extension, deepen and soften during the time of asanas. They are made up of material like bamboo, foam, wood, or cork. They also reduce the distance between you and the floor. Cork and Foam Blocks. Wholesale Yoga Blocks for yoga teachers and yoga studios, Supplies in Canada.

4. Yoga Straps

All those who have the rigid body must go for yoga straps. They fill up the gap during asanas and make postures more accessible irrespective of your flexibility. With the help of yoga strap one can keep the arms together and control the hard poses. 6 feet cotton straps, 8 feet cotton straps. Wholesale Yoga Straps for yoga teachers and yoga studios, Supplies in Canada.

5. Yoga Eye Pillows

Scented yoga eye pillow and unscented yoga eye pillow. Wholesale Yoga Eye Pillows for yoga teachers and yoga studios, Supplies in Canada.

6. Yoga Mexcian Blankets

yoga blankets provide comfort, protect from any external injury, give grip provide stability etc.  wholesale Mexican Blankets for yoga teachers and yoga studios, Supplies in Canada.

7. Meditation Cushions

Yoga Zafu, Yoga Zabuton. Meditation Cushion wholesale for yoga teachers and yoga studios, Yoga Supplies in Canada.

8. Yoga Pilates Balls

The yoga balance ball is made from durable and slip resistant vinyl. These balls can easily be inflated and deflated. This yoga product is advisable during resistance workout. Yoga Pilates Balls wholesale for yoga teachers and yoga studios, Supplies in Canada.

9. Yoga Mat Bags

Yoga strap and yoga bags are needed to carry yoga mat. If you just want to carry or store yoga mat than yoga strap is good enough. One requires yoga bag to keep yoga mat and other accessories. The purpose of both is the same it is the preferences that will make you choose one. Yoga Mat Bags wholesale for yoga teachers and yoga studios, Supplies in Canada.

 All these and many more yoga accessories can be bought online at Healthy Life Cycle. We are a trusted and renowned wholesale yoga accessories in Canada.  The current economy disturbance has not affected us in providing the supply to our yoga accessories wholesale supplier. We are the trusted online yoga product supplies in Canada. All the yoga products here are of quality material assuring both durability and comfort.


 Order your yoga supplies online at or visit us at our store in the heart of Mississauga for all the wholesale yoga accessories Canada and yoga props, Yoga Supplies, Yoga Gifts and Yoga Decor

We pride ourselves on the quality we offer at affordable prices. We sometimes have sales on our rock bottom prices. So be sure to check out our social media channel, web pages or sign up for our bi-weekly newsletter for updates. Buy Yoga Accessories online at Healthy Life Cycle.

All these and many more yoga accessories can be bought online at Healthy Life Cycle. We are a trusted and renowned wholesale yoga supplies in Canada. The current economy disturbance has not affected us in providing the supply to our yoga accessories. We are the trusted online yoga product supplies in Canada. All the yoga products here are of quality material assuring both durability and comfort.

We deliver all across Canada. Shipping from the East Coast to the West Coast. Hunderds of our satisfied customers. Yoga accessories Vancouver,  Yoga accessories Victoria,  Yoga accessories Saskatchewan,  Yoga accessories Edmonton,  Yoga accessories Winnipeg, Yoga accessories Toronto, Yoga accessories Montreal, Yoga accessories Ottawa, Yoga accessories Calgaryyoga supplies torontoyoga supplies mississaugayoga supplies montrealbuy yoga supplies, yoga props calgaryyoga props montrealyoga props vancouveryoga props toronto, buy yoga props online, and yoga supplies Halifax, Yoga equipment canadayoga equipment for beginneryoga equipment calgaryyoga equipment edmontonyoga equipemnt montreal. Order Now Yoga Accessories Online

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Healthy Life Cycle - for people who LIVE YOGA


  1. Round Long Restorative Yoga Bolster (8 Inches Wide x 30 Inches Long)-Black Sale
    Special Price CA$79.99 Regular Price: CA$85.00

    If you find the Large Round bolster to be too big, then this is the perfect size for you. The Round Essential Bolster is 28 Inches long from seam to seam, (can be up to 30 Inches Long from one end to another) and 8 Inches Wide x 8 Inches High

    Hand Filled with Natural Cotton. Outer cover is Sturdy yet soft canvas cotton and can be removed for washing.

    Convenient durable side handle for easy carrying.

    This size is perfect for most types of yoga: Restorative yoga, Yin Yoga, Kaiut Yoga, Supportive Prop.

    Soft and Environmentally safe. Bolster weighs approximately 6 lbs), Brand Name: Yogavni(TM)

  2. Organic Cotton Filled Futon/Mat for Physio, Yoga and Thai Massage - Black Sale
    Special Price CA$149.99 Regular Price: CA$160.00
    Product Description :
    Comes with Removable Cotton Cover.
    Filled with organic cotton.
    Attached ties for easy storage.
    Thick, soft, and padded.

    Product Details :
    Available in various colors.
    Dimension : 72 Inch Long x 36 Inch Wide x 3 Inches Thick
    Brand Name : Yogavni(TM)
  3. Large Rectangular Cotton Filled Yoga Bolster (24 Inch x 12 Inch x 6 Inch) (Black) Sale
    Special Price CA$79.99 Regular Price: CA$85.00

    Product Features:
    Filled with 100% Natural cotton.
    This rectangular bolster is used by more than 1000 yoga studios across Canada and USA.
    Handle on end for easy carry.
    Zippered Washable Drill Fabric Cover. Very Soft and Environmentally safe

    Product Details :
    Color : Blue
    Item Weight: 3.2 Kg/6.5 lbs
    Dimensions (seam to seam): 24 inches Long x 12 inches Wide x 6 inches High Inches
    Size: Large.
    Shape: Rectangular.
    Material : Cotton.
    Brand Name : Yogavni(TM)

  4. Yoga Strap with No Buckle in Black Color, 10-Feet Sale
    Special Price CA$8.99 Regular Price: CA$14.00
    • • Improves flexibility by helping you extend through the use of pressure
    • • Generally used in Iyengar or Restorative Yoga. Without a buckle so can be used with a knot
    • • High quality, extra durable 100% cotton fabric
    • • Made in India
    • • l x b : 10 x 1.5 inches, weight: 400 gms
  5. Vinyl Cover Round Therapy Bolster Sale
    Special Price CA$69.99 Regular Price: CA$75.00
    These Foam-filled bolsters are designed to provide that extra level of comfort and support.
    Easy to Clean 100% Polyurethane upholstery
    Place under knees, ankles or lower back to relieve tension
    Size: 6" x 25", Color: Black, Medium Firmness
    Made in USA
  6. Yoga Mat Bag With Gold Flower Embroidery Sale
    Special Price CA$24.99 Regular Price: CA$35.00

    Product Features :
    Bright, colourful, and 100% natural cotton.
    Lightweight, easy to carry with an adjustable shoulder strap.
    Fits most mats that are 6mm thick and 24 inch wide.
    Beautiful Embroidery makes the bag stand out.
    Two built in zippered pockets.

    Product Details :
    Color : Black with Gold Embroidery
    Dimension : 29" x 11"
    Weight : 300 g
    Brand Name : Yogavni(TM).