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Healthy Life Cycle carries the largest selection of any product you can think of in Yoga and Meditation

Yoga Mats

Yoga Bolsters

Yoga Blocks - Cork, Foam and Wood Blocks

Yoga Straps

Yoga Mexcian and Cotton Blankets

Meditation Cushions - Yoga Zafu, Yoga Zabuton

Yoga Balls

Yoga Apparel - Tops, Shorts, and Pants For all the yogis

Buddha Statues

Tibet Singing Bowl and Tingshas

Banners and Prayer Flags


Whether you are starting out or are teaching yoga, this is your last stop.

Whether you are looking for your first starter kit or one thousand mats for an even this weekend, your search ends here.


Order your yoga supplies online at or visit us at our store in the heart of Mississauga for all the yoga accessories and props, Studio Supplies, Yoga Gifts and Yoga Decor. 

We pride ourselves in the quality we offer at the affordable prices. We sometimes have sales on our rock bottom prices. So be sure to check out our social media channel, web pages or sign up for our bi-weekly newletter for updates.

We deliver all across Canada. Shipping from the East Coast to the West Coast. Find hunderds of our satisfied customers in Vancouver, Victoria, Saskatchewan, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, St. Johns, St. John, Fredericton and Labrador, and Halifax and More and More and More...


Healthy Life Cycle - for people who LIVE YOGA


  1. Sandbag for Yoga and Pilates by Yogavni(TM) (Maroon) Bogo
    Product Features :
    Adds weight for an extra stretch - such as when you place it on your thighs in Virasana (Hero's Pose) or Baddhakonasana (Bound Angle Posture).
    Use as a weight by holding behind your back to stretch your shoulders, chest, and arm muscles.
    High quality, Cotton Exterior Sandbags.
    Adjust to Desired Weight (up to 10 lbs).
    Machine-washable outer liner.
    Zippered inner lining prevents leakage of filling.

    Product Details :
    Color : Maroon.
    Dimensions : 17" x 7.5"
    Weight : 100 g.
    Size : Fill up to 10 lbs of Sand.
    Shape : Rectangular Bag.
    Material : Cotton.
    Brand Name : Yogavni(TM).

  2. Deluxe Cotton Pure and Soft Yoga Blankets - Maroon Sale
    Special Price CA$39.99 Regular Price: CA$50.00

    Product Features :
    Made in India
    Extra heavy and tightly woven for extra support.
    Made from chemical-free 100% Organic cotton.
    Completely hand-woven and hand-finished.
    No tassels !!

    Product Details :
    Available in Many Colors
    Dimensions : 84" L x 48" W Inches.
    Weighs approx 3.5 Lbs
    Brand Name : Yogavni(TM)

  3. Yoga Mat Bag with Koi Fish Embroidery Sale
    Special Price CA$24.99 Regular Price: CA$35.00

    Product Features :
    Bright, colourful, and 100% natural cotton.
    Lightweight, easy to carry with an adjustable shoulder strap.
    Fits most mats that are 6mm thick and 24 inch wide.
    Beautiful Embroidery makes the bag stand out.
    Two built in zippered pockets.

    Product Details :
    Color : Maroon - Koi Fish.
    Dimension : 29" x 11" Inches
    Weight : 300 g
    Material : Cotton.
    Brand Name : Yogavni(TM).

  4. Large Round Yoga Bolster, 10 Inch Wide x 28 Inch Long (Red) Sale
    Special Price CA$74.99 Regular Price: CA$85.00

    Product Features:
    Filled with 100% Natural Cotton.
    Our Bolster is used by more than 500 Yoga Teachers across Canada
    Round and Very Sturdy Cotton Filled Bolster
    Convenient durable side strap for easy handling.
    Perfect for most uses in restorative yoga practice.
    Removable and Washable Zippered Canvas Cover. Very Soft and Environmentally safe

    Product Details :
    Available in : Black, Grey, Blue, Red, Purple, Off White, Sage/Light Green, Beige/Light Brown & Orange.
    Item Weight : 3.2 Kg
    Dimensions : 28 Inch Long x 10 Inch Wide x 10 Inch High Inches
    Shape : Cylindrical
    Material: Cotton
    Brand Name : Yogavni(TM)

  5. Deluxe Spa Soothing Silk Yoga Neck Pillow by Yogavni(TM) - Maroon Sale
    Special Price CA$19.99 Regular Price: CA$28.00

    Product Features :
    Relax and Rejuvenate
    Filled with natural organic Buckwheat Hulls
    Comes with Removable Silk Cover
    Neck pillows can be used to support the neck in restorative postures, or to help support the spine or even knees and ankles.
    The pillow molds to the shape of your cervical spine to give nurturing support.
    These soft, silk pillows can be chilled in the freezer to offer comforting refreshing coolness.
    These soft, silk pillows can be heated in microwave - CAUTION: out cover must be removed prior to heating

    Product Details :
    Dimension : 12" x 4" Inches
    Color : Dark Purple, Dusty Blue, Lavender, Lime, Chocolate and Maroon
    Shape : Cylindrical
    Brand Name : Yogavni(TM)

  6. Yoga Mat Bag With Hand Embroidered 'OM' on Soft Cotton Canvas and Zipper Closing-Maroon Sale
    Special Price CA$21.99 Regular Price: CA$30.00

    Product Features :
    Bright and 100% natural cotton Lightweight.
    Easy to carry with an adjustable shoulder strap
    Fits most mats that are 6mm thick and 24 inch wide
    Beautiful Embroidery gives bag a unique design.
    Two built in zippered pockets

    Product Information :
    Color : Maroon
    Dimensions : 29" x 11"
    Weight : 300 g
    Material : Cotton
    Brand Name : Yogavni(TM)