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Yoga Blocks

Yoga Blocks

Yoga has evolved and changed considerably from the time when yogis used to do it in India. It used to be just yoga mats but now it’s yoga blocks, straps, and sticky mats. Yoga Props are not only used to assist yoga sessions, they are now used to explore and push the limitations of a person to achieve and support perfect postures. Different yoga props are used for various purposes. Be it a yoga mat to give you the stability and comfort of performing complicated postures without slipping from the ground, or a yoga block to make poses available and effective by giving height or length to the body, or yoga straps which give you the added advantage of pushing your body further to help achieve accessibility and prevent unwanted body movements.
Yoga is all about targeting defined body parts by mobilizing or immobilizing other parts. Yoga blocks can be used to get outside your comfort zone.

Yoga blocks help increase or decrease the stretch in a given asana, making it more effective. Yoga blocks give a person proper support and stability in lengthening or stretching their body. Yoga Blocks give an extension to basic poses, allowing you to go deeper while staying supported. Yoga is about achieving, maintaining and mastering poses, but for various reasons, beginners as well as long time practitioners are sometimes not able to get the the full benefits out of it their practice. The reason could be that they don’t challenge themselves enough. After a while, their bodies get comfortable with the position and thus, no longer achieve the full benefits of the asana. For this reason, performing yoga asanas with straps, blocks and other props can help a person attain the desired benefit that particular pose is designed for, and affect the respective body part for maximum results.
The benefits of yoga blocks and props:
*Alignment of the body while practicing different poses
*Extending the limits of a person while performing poses which would not have been possible otherwise due to human body limitation
*Allowing the practitioner to push herself or himself to a limit which is bearable, safe and effective
*Upgrading the quality and complexity of postures to uplift its effectiveness
*Maintaining support and balance while holding a pose
*Yoga blocks and straps allow a student to preserve energy so that they can exercise more complex and straining poses without exhausting themselves. People who are already suffering from minor ailments can use the help of straps and blocks to avoid further strain on their body while maintaining proper balance and stability in a pose. Yoga Blocks come in different textures sizes and materials. Not only amateurs or beginners, but professional yoga practitioners and gurus use blocks to make the most out of every posture performed and held.
Although our prices are already rock bottom affordable, we also sometimes have sales. So be sure to check out our social media channel and web page for updates. We deliver all across Canada. Shipping from the East Coast to the West Coast – Vancouver, Victoria, Saskatchewan, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, St. Johns, St. John, Fredericton and Labrador.