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Large Round Bolsters

Cylindrical Bolster

Cylindrical Bolster come in assortment of shapes and sizes and it isn't in every case simple to realize which bolster is directly for you. Presently onto the reasonable items… when picking a yoga bolster there are five things that you have to consider: size, shape, weight, filling and shading.

Yoga Bolster by and large come in three essential shapes: cylindrical, rectangular and lean. You'll have to choose which is best for your specific needs.

This cylindrical bolster is perfect for yoga –

• for setting underneath knees to discharge the lower back and mitigate strain all through the body

• for offering help during profound hip opening postures

• as a prop to take into consideration asana choices

The cylindrical bolster come in a selection of vibrant colors with a long-lasting 100% natural cotton spread that is removable and machine launder able. A cylindrical bolster is perfect for poses like Bound Angle Pose where under your knees you need assistance. In a variation of the Savasana Pose, you can also use this large cylindrical bolster for mitigating tension in the iliopsoas by changing the bottom back angle. The round profile is also good for you to lie in Dhanurasana or Bow Pose horizontally across your abdomen. These are just a handful of the many positions of yoga you can use with a round yoga bolster.