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Pro Yoga Mat

Pro Yoga Mat is a High Density Cushion for unrivaled experience, joint assurance, and adaptability on any surface (cover, bond, hardwood floors). It's Dual Surface Finish gives slip-obstruction, even with light sweat. Finished Cell Surface keeps off dampness (sweat) from saturating the tangle and rearing microbes. One of a kind Dot-Pattern Bottom is made to oppose sliding. Built for Sustainability top notch material won't strip, chip or blur; Longevity diminishes utilization and landfill squander. The Pro Yoga Mat Improves with use. The Cabernet shading separates it from the rest. To Break In: The surface of the Pro Yoga Mat will improve with use. Our clients have discovered that the most ideal approach to "break in" their tangle is to utilize it every day. Another stunt is to sprinkle coarse ocean salt over your tangle, scour it down with a wipe, and air dry in the daylight. The Pro Yoga Mat is perfect for hot yoga, stretching and recovery sessions. Non-slip when dry or wet. Comfortable smooth texture with arrangement guides This Mat is COMPLETELY FREE OF ALL HARMFUL PHTHALATES or Toxins. Once you use this mat, you'll never touch another mat the same way again.